Coding for the blue dispenser

We are having trouble with coding the robot to get the discs out of the blue dispenser. We are using block coding and can only lift the blue dispenser halfway. We are able to get the discs out of the blue dispenser while driving but we are not sure what we are doing wrong with the code.

Simple question first, can your robot lift the blue dispenser to dump the disks?

I’m gonna spitball some ideas here, lets see if it works:

Base rolls under the blue dispenser. You have some thing built to lift it up. Manually put the robot under the dispenser. (I have an IQ V1 brain in my fingers V2 works about the same)

  • Power on
  • X for settings
  • Down arrow for device info
  • Check
  • Scroll to the motor that moves the part that will dump the motor (in my case, port 4)
  • Press check and the motor will start spinning counter clockwise looking at the face of the motor.
  • You can use the arrows to adjust the speed.
    Note it tells you the angles and the rotations. You can go from there to figure out what the motor needs to do.

Hope this helps. (With the old forum the would be this back and forth discussion on how to do this. In the new world, jumpstarting you to figure out that it’s clockwise for 12 revolutions. )

Of course if the mechanical part doesn’t work, there isn’t any code that can make it happen.

Please post back how you make out.