Coding in visual studio code (python)

I am wondering if there is a GitHub import for the vex api and if so where can I find it. thanks.
for reference I just simply want to use visual code cuz I find it easier.

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Why don’t u use vex code pro its like visual studio, plus I’ve looked and I don’t think anyone has made a plugin for vs code, when vex-code pro is almost and exact replica of vs code. Me and my team had the same problem with GitHub we checked and there were no github imports to allow the reading of v5 files. We ended up just copying and pasting the code from vexcode pro to GitHub, because editing in GitHub was like using notepad, dont.

Unofficial Response:

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Pretty sure there isn’t.

Closest thing would be using PROS, with which you could set up Visual Studio Code. Unfortunately, PROS is C++ only. Use the search bar if you want to find out more.


k thanks. I might just put it together myself cuz im going to be doing this for the next 2 years and cuz why not

If you used vex code pro, you could’ve uploaded your .cpp file to GitHub and then it would be read as a C++ file in GitHub. It’s in your src (source? I have no idea) file under your actual save file. You’re right though, still wouldnt edit anything in GitHub. As awesome as a VSCode plugin would be, the V5 pro IDE is currently the closest we have.