Coding Jumper Clips in Vexcode V5 blocks

Hi, our team is trying to use jumper clips to tell our code which alliance we are on so we can have our color roller fully autonomous. The issue is, I only have access to Vexcode V5 blocks, and every other post I have found has explained how to code them in V5 text. Does anyone know how to code them in blocks that would be willing to give me some advice? Thank you!

They should be able to be programmed as bumper switches or digital inputs.

Although probably not what you want to hear, I’m pretty sure they aren’t legal anymore for use in competitions. At least at national (or state) completions, you would probably have to remove them. Instead, I would suggest using a GUI on the screen. That is definitely in the realm of possibility with V5 Blocks, and would be much more flexible. An alternative could be to use a bumper switch to select your alliance. For example, if it’s held down when starting your program, your alliance is red, otherwise it’s blue. Either way, there are a few options, which, depending on your programming abilities, would be far better (and legal) than jumper clips :smiley:

What makes you say that?


You might have politely pointed out that R6 was clarified on 6/28/22 to include the table you attached. @coolguy129 your answer was (likely) correct 4 days ago, thankfully the clips are now specifically allowed.


I think if you do this it would work:

The code


The device setup