Coding Language

Does anyone know where I can learn C/C++ to code the vex robotics. I know vex came out with their own coding studio base on C/C++, but I want to switch over to PROS. So I would like to know how or where I can learn PROS.

I’m not sure how much C/C++ you already know. You said “switch,” so I’m assuming you’re comfortable with RobotC. If so, you can get really far just downloading PROS and Atom and using the API’s. And what will you be putting the code on?

For V5?

For Cortex?

The best way to get into PROS is to look at the official documentation on the PROS website. For basic C/C++ programming, there are plenty of resources on the medium called the internet.

One thing I would like to clarify is that VEX Coding studio does not support native C, but supports C-like functionality through the C standard library. You are forced to use classes though.

VCS does support native C.

Really? Then why is it not advertised?