Coding online(Vexcode V5 pro, or pros)

Hello. I am looking into a way to code online, via either vexcode v5 pro, or pros. I have looked into some ways of screen mirroring, however because of how our school locks things down, this is not possible. I have seen microsoft visual studio online, but the pros and vexcode ports do not work with this, only the downloadable version. The computer i am allowed to use in school, is a chromebook.

Thank you for the help!

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There is a online version of Vexcode that may work

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My school also has chromebooks, but I was able to download vexcode straight off the vex website because it has a chrome book option

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Indeed, school districts can make VEXcode as an approved app in their domain. Get your coach/advisor to see if your district IT department can do the same.

For using pros, you have to use visual studio code

The PROS port is not available with the online version of VS code.

What i am trying to use is the Pro version, which is different, i think? Most people say it is not but i have had problems with it.

This is not necessarily true, but it is HIGHLY encouraged for new users.

Sadly this is true as of now. We do have plans to support the online version of VSCode in the future, but that time is very far away as of now.