Coding problem. I need help. competition in 1 week

I have a competition in 1 week and my school somehow blocked the text and I have no more time to wait. How can I code a 2 motor driver control code? Thanks


I’m no programmer but at a glance it looks like your motors are running all the time. Your ‘set velocity to <#> %’ blocks are in the forever loop, so they’re start running as soon as the program starts, which doesn’t seem to be what you’d want. Instead, move those blocks into the ‘if then’ blocks, that way the motors only spin when a certain button on the controller is pressed. But all that aside, with the else blocks and stopping motors it seems to be good.

Some schools aren’t good with programs outside of their normal assets, so you’ll frequently be denied access to download updates for whatever your using. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Use your personal device (Optimally a laptop of your own) so you can work on coding wherever whenever, with less restrictions on things like updates
  1. Vex Coding Studio doesn’t seem to be supported by VEX anymore, the new guy in town’s VexCode. In fact if you try to find Vex Coding Studio the download page for it seems to have been removed.
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I can’t use my personal device since it is a huge laptop and it will get stolen if I take it somewhere. Predator Helios 300

Wait. Do I seperate the velocity blocks into their own if then?

Doesn’t have to be yours, see if your teammates are willing to bring theirs. Last year there were a total of three people on my team (myself included) who brought their own laptops just to make sure we could program/load program backups on the robot. Each one was around $800-$1000 but we had no problem, just see what your team is willing to do.

No, ignore what I just said about your motors running all the time (finally found the modkit API). However, if your issue is trying to program a two motor drive, in modkit you can have the motors running at the speed of your analog sticks settings so that’s a pretty bread and jam way of getting it to work. I’ll try and attach a picture in a sec if i can do this right

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Can I make it a tank control?

I can’t do this right, but if it helps this should be the block you are looking for to use the analog sticks on the joystick to control your drive motors:
For a tank drive, set the left drive motor to the value of the left analog stick, and the right drive motor to the right analog stick. Can’t get any more basic than that.

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I don’t have that. My controller is setup in a drivetrain.

Thank you I am having the same problem

I just don’t know what to do. I am use to V5 text.

For setting up the DriveTrain in VEXcode v5 Blocks to work with the controller, you can checkout this video from VEX:


My school blocked it