Our blue motor should spin at 600 rpm. We have changed wires, controllers, ports,
everything possible and its output is 50 rpm. Any thoughts?

are you programming using blocks or text? Pros or Vexcode?

This may be a stretch- but how much friction is being exerted on your shaft? I’m not sure if that’s enough of an issue to make the rpm go down by that much but it may be a possibility.

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Send the code you’re using, and how you’re measuring the rpm.


Try spinning it through the devices menu to try and isolate if the issue is a result of bad or if there’s an issue with hardware or electrical.

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It could be that the motor is overheating, it could also be from friction from what the motor is connected to. It could also be a problem in the code, or perhaps the motor itself is broken, check to see if the motor can spin on its own without being connected to anything.

Isolate the issue: is it a motor problem or a build problem problem?
Test this by taking the motor off and testing it by itself, not driving anything.

If it is a motor problem, figure out if it’s the hardware or the code that is having the issue by either rewriting/testing the code or switching out the motor and trying the same code on it.

This is just the thought process you should follow. This is what all the other responses in the thread are getting at, but this is what you’re actually going for - finding the location of the issue out of the multiple possibilities.

match.v5python (10.3 KB)
im getting the rpm from the devices screen, where it says rpm command it shows 50.