Coding Question

Does anyone have any other coding language suggestions other than Coding Studio? Looks pretty tedious.

If you’re concerned about tedium, you’ll probably want a graphical programming option, like Robot Mesh Studio Blockly.

If you’re fine with text-based programming, then take a look at Robot Mesh Studio Python, Robot Mesh Studio C++, or PROS (C or C++).

VEX Coding Studio is generally not recommended (read: strongly discouraged) by community members for a variety of reasons.

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Will RobotC work? P.S . Sorry if I sound very new to coding studio. My team just got our v5 today.

RobotC does not work for V5. Your best option, if you’re familiar with RobotC, is probably Robot Mesh Studio C++.


In no certain order, here are some of those reasons:

  • Many unfixed bugs
  • Zero updates since initial release
  • Limited language support (C++ and modkit)
  • Modkit doesn’t support competition properly
  • No way to directly control motors
  • No multi-file support
  • Dev team has “other priorities”
  • No CLI