Coding software

i am a new programmer to v5 what is the best programming software to use if i can already program in java script html css and a little c++

It comes down to personal preference but your options are VEXcode, Robot Mesh Studio or PROS, each with different strengths.

lmao love how you left out VCS (@gabby its cuz its trash but still an option, highly recommend NOT using it)

I believe the only option that allows you to use java script right now is RMS. Other than that, you will have to use c++. I would personally recomend PROS because it has the most flexibility, but it is a little harder to get used to.

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Thank you I’ll try it out

This shouldn’t go in robot showcase category.

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right now VEXcode is imo the best option and it’s what I use.


There are advantages and disadvantages to each. All of the different softwares have been discussed in multiple threads but I will try to make a summary.

  • Robotmesh Studio
    Has a lot of languages and is already polished a lot.

  • PROS
    Extremely versatile. Fantastic for advanced C++ and even normal C++

  • VexCode
    The coding software that Vex released. Still in preview stages but first official version should be released in August. Less versatile, but still a great coding software.

This is correct. If you want to use Java Script you need to use RMS. If you want to try and learn more C++ then I would use VexCode and then transition into PROS later on if you wanted.

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pros is however harder to use than, VexCode, and Vex coding studio. On the other hand if you are looking to use Vex Coding studio, Vexcode is definitly better, because of the platform which it is based on. Vex coding studio is simply for learning purposes, the robot Configuration can be graphical, rather than text based, making the job easier. All of above is free to download, so you should definitly try using them first.