Coding Studio

Will the new VEX Coding Studio support the current Cortex system or just the newer v5 control system?

I don’t know mostly because I am new to robotics and don’t know the difference between current and v5. Could someone explain?

I would assume just the V5

V5 and VEX IQ. It will not support the Cortex.

Is there any way I can download the new coding studio right now?

No, the beta test code is not in public release.

Is the VEX IQ info posted somewhere? Or is this from experience as a beta tester? I’ve looked for it. I posted on the IQ forum and am still waiting for a response. I’m happy to hear it will work with VEX IQ. I’ve already had to start making decisions for next year based on information I don’t have, this being an important piece.

Sorry for the long wait; I was at the Kentucky State HS tournament today.

I thought that was an open forum post, but I know I read it in a post. I’ll look for it.

Well, I have run into a video long before V5 beta about Vex IQ and VCS in the PLTW context.
Since I found it by random searches long before V5 beta, I’d consider it “open forum post”, though it is certainly outdated by now.