Coding with old Vex Cortex

I want to use the older Vex Cortex brains (EDR) but can’t find much information about RobotC and if it is still being supported. Is there a download for Chromebooks? Is it still a working program?

Yes working, but doesn’t support chromebooks. Only works with windows.


Are they still putting out updates for Windows?

It works on Windows 10, I don’t have a Windows 11 system to try it on.

Glad to hear it is still working on Windows. Thanks!

No, last version is 4.56 from 2017.


Ya I had even tried to be careful with my wording. “Works with windows” instead of “supports windows”. Very much a dead product, just no reason it won’t still work on Windows with cortex for the foreseeable future.

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I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but I would suggest giving PROS a try. I believe works on chromebooks, assuming you are able to get a linux shell open, and is still supported by it’s developers all these years later!

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which was originally created for use with Cortex hardware but has since moved on to V5. If you choose to use PROS for the Cortex (assuming they are still compatible with each other, which I believe they are not), the PROS devs do frequent the unofficial VEX discord server.

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PROS still works on the Cortex System. It is an option you can choose when creating a PROS project. However, we are no longer actively working on it. Most of us current PROS developers, including myself, joined the team after the switch to V5, so we are not familiar with PROS for Cortex and may not be able to give adequate support for any issues encountered.

I would try RobotC before PROS, but if you have to use a Chromebook I suppose PROS is the only choice.


I appreciate all the feedback. I have desktops available, so I will start with RobotC and see how it goes. I did not know about PROS, so its nice to know that could be an option if I have to use the Chromebooks. Thanks again.