Cody's Math Problem

Bots ‘n’ Stuff has your back if you ever need help :).

The Golden Ratio φ is:

Prove that:

is equivalent to the Golden Ratio.

Was a quiz question I (and 16 of 26 members of the class) got completely wrong. I know the answer already but you know, seeing BNS do a math proof sounded fun.
CodeCogsEqn (2).gif
CodeCogsEqn (1).gif

Took a couple minutes but here you go :wink:
X=square root(1+x). Because its infinitely happening if it were to happen an extra time the answer should be the same
X=(1±sqrt( (-1)^2 -4(-1)(1)))/2
Simplies to
(1± sqrt5)/2 and the negative doesn’t work so its

Yeah that’s pretty much it.

You can also start with the Golden Radio and make it to the given equation.

The thread title is quite funny.

That looks about right!

But when will you ever use that in real life?