Coeffecient of friction of anti-slip mats

Does anybody know the coefficient of friction of the anti-slip mats on the foam tiles? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the forums and don’t have access to materials at the moment or I’d just test it myself.

To calculate the coefficient of friction you need to know the material that will be on top of the mat as well. This will vary depending on the types of vex wheels you use on your robot.

This is only true if you wheels are sliding past the anti slip mat that is wrapped around them, which in most cases does not happen - the coefficient of friction between the wheel and the mat is static and can be ignored.

The design I’m considering is a brake that would use elastics to jack the robot up on flat plate of aluminum covered in antislip mat, not a wheel covered in antislip. So it should just be the coefficient between the tile and the antislip, sorry if my initial question was a bit unclear.