coiled handset cable worth?

we’ve seen a lot of teams use coiled handset cables. This year I’m wondering is it worth buying another controller and the cables.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new controller for a partner control setup . The controller on the bottom is 30 dollars and you could use a telephone cable lying around for the coiled handset cable.

@NyQuil how do you make a regular joystick a partner joystick?

If you have programmed your robot to use the partner joystick controls as well then all you have to do it connect two normal joysticks together with the handset cable. Whichever one you put the usb cable in to sync it is the normal controller and the other one is the equivalent of a partner controller. After syncing the cortex and the controller setups you simply place the vex net key into the normal controller to use them wirelessly

@Download Complete so there doesnt need to be a key in the partner controller?

No, haveing a key in the partner controller will probably cause problems connecting.

You absolutely do not need a VEXnet key in the second joystick.