Collecting 2017-2018 Ringmaster Designs

Dear all, this is a very dumb high schooler, who came to watch the finals of the 2017-2018 VEX IQ finals accidentally, speaking. I have seen the designs of the two teams and thought it could be worth a try for the VRC Tipping point this year (since it is both scoring rings). Therefore, I would like to ask if anyone who was in the competition send me some of your designs :slight_smile: You can also DM me if you think you do not want to post it on the general forum. Thank you very much.

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ringmaster designs are only semi-applicable at best because the shape of the rings, as well as what robots did with them is significantly different to tipping point. But a few of the designs, namely the ones involving conveyors can be useful.

best way to find them is just to search youtube. you’ll have a plethora of designs to look through, although most won’t be very useful.

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I wasn’t around for Ringmaster but have watched many videos of the bots from that year. I can not help but imagine that there is no way some of the young elementary students built and programmed their very complex bots from that year. Those bots have to be the high point (so far) of difficulty design/build in what I have seen in the VexIQ arc.

Was there a published student centered policy then? If not, is this the season that inspired the policy?


You’d be surprised.

And yes, the student-centered policy was around then.


I’ve removed an email address from the OP.


yep. my team back then was a rookie elementary school team and had no clue how to make those big conveyor bots. Since some of the bots that season looked pretty much identical we thought everyone knew some secret building hack we didnt. (in hindsight they look pretty mentor-built or at least partial mentor built)

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I think they all look alike probably because
i) the game manual has a basic design so I suppose most people start off there
ii) the actually good teams probably attended a lot of conferences/competitions (since it was before COVID), they could probably have all made changes to their robot to be identical to the winning teams? (at least that was what we did for V5, we rebuilt our robot the day we came back from a regional competition because we were inspired by the top 2 teams’ robots.)

just my opinions lol

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