College Autonomous Period

I’m very happy with the rule change this year:

If the intent is to ensure college teams develop advanced autonomous routines, why is the “autonomous bonus” not modified from High School to College?
*10 points for a 60 second period (ie 2 sacks in a trough) is not a game-changer. I would suggest in future competitions that this be made more substantial. Thoughts?

I believe that the fact that you are one entire minute ahead of your opponent is a game changer.

Completely missed the point, eh?

Doing well in autonomous will give you an advantage. I’m not debating that.

My argument was that 10 points is not a lot. For a 15 sec autonomous period in high school, it makes sense. For quadruple the period in college, why not make the bonus more? VEX wanted more advanced routines, not hold onto your robot and swing it around the starting tile…what skill does that show other than figuring out how to use rules to your advantage?

If I remember right, most college teams had no Auton before the interaction was brought into play last year, simply because last year was not really an Autonomous period… Only the best of the best had actually figured something out.

As for OP

Who cares if the Auton bonus is 10 points? If you can win in autonomous mode and win the match because of it then the game becomes a game of defend my crap before the other team gets it… which means if I won Auton and got some ridiculous bonus I would literally spend the rest of the match pushing your robot around like a rag-doll. And I know for a fact you wouldn’t like that.

My $0.02

  • Andrew

Too true about last year. I’m not sure it was for “best” teams. We had no-interaction code going into World. We changed the night before and did what all the other teams were doing. However, I wouldn’t be proud showing any of that work to a future sponsor or someone from industry.

I do care that Auton is 10…that’s why I made the post… seems illogical that the bonus doesn’t scale with the time period, that’s all :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like a game of “defend my crap”. If I’m far ahead with autonomous, why not use driver control to defend. Get ahead, stay ahead. Probably takes < 5 seconds of a decent design to descore an entire trough. Why should VEX let that completely nullify hundreds of lines of (presumably robust and reliable) code? Lastly, I would argue that programming is much more a useful skill in engineering than a really good RC driver.

My two cents.

I’ve played games that entirely depended on Autonomous performance, If you wont Autonomous you won the entire match. Without much defending either, it was boring.

Could Bonus be higher? Maybe. Would many of us actually care? Maybe. Maybe it would be enough to actually have teams do Autonomous mode. But then again comes the cheapo destrcto Auton and boom months of refining are beat to a pulp by a drive straight defense command written in 2 minutes.

But personally Its that fear in mind that would keep me from doing things like that.

  • Andrew

The Driver Control portion allows robot designs to reach their full potential, and allow teams to use/adapt advanced strategies. That’s what makes driver control important, since it tests the robots’ design qualities and their full capabilities. If the bonus were enough to decide the game, then it would be nearly impossible to turn the game around in the second half, so a team with poor robots and a really good autonomous program would almost certainly defeat a team with really good robots and a poor autonomous program. And if that were the case, then no one would bother building good robots, and the level of play at Worlds would be very low.

The bonus should not matter to you as much as the extra amount of pointes you scored that your opponent did not. Yes they can descore but most of the time it is not worth it to descore. So dont worry about the small bonus, just get a program that takes up the whole minute and scores effectively.

Those are some bold words my friend. Bold words.

  • Andrew

Though i don’t participate in college vex,

it almost seems like its begging you to make a hoarding robot. the ease of making a defensive autonomous just unbelievable. If you were given a full minute of free time to score, then one can guess you were going to score at least once in the troughs. So why not just develop an autonomous that parks your robot in front of the trough if you were going to choose any other robot besides a hoarder.

Now a hoarder is completely unpredictable in this period because you can spend the whole time grabbing. After all, 2 objects consistently moving have a lower chance of colliding than one object moving and another stationary. By spending the whole period grabbing, you’re virtually a bomb of points.

Now, your biggest threat of a wall bot arises, but in college you have a 15" robot you can play with. I would think if you can build a robot to inhibit your opponent’s progress, it must be possible to build a robot to guarantee scoring.

the fact that you only have 1 minute of driver reinforces this strategy. In high school, we have a full 2 minutes to score. If we had an ineffective wall bot as an ally, the opposing alliance could simply play defense on the scoring robot and the alliance would be neutralized. Because you only have 1 minute of driver control to score, your opponents have very little time to counteract your score.

So i guess my point is, you do get a big bonus from autonomous period. It’s not from actual hard point values, but rather its dark, dull strategic values which you can then use to form shiny point values. With all the strategic potential you can get in autonomous period, i would find it more exciting to watch than a team earning 30 points in autonomous.