College competition in Florida!!!

Hey everyone, looking to get a competition in Gainesville, FL at UF. This would be for college level, and would be the only Florida location as of right now. The only thing holding us back is the level of interest. We have no way of knowing who all will show up as of right now, and this competition can’t happen unless we have a decent number in mind by the end of the month. So, who all thinks they would be interested? Any other college teams who have hosted competitions have any words of advice? Looking to hear back from everyone, this competition will be great, but again, it doesn’t happen if I can’t guarantee teams.

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I will express to my team the possibility of this competition. I can not say either way currently though. (It would be 2 hours closer to our team than any other competition.)

Interested but need dates. We’d love to have some practice for worlds!

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Hmmm, this could be helpful practice for us. Any idea when you’ll have confirmed dates?


Yeah, a whole guest list doesn’t need to be finalized, but they said I have to prove teams would show up. But the time would be sometime in March, currently looking at March 16th. But and unofficial practice time would be great too if any Florida teams want to participate in anything like that.

We would be interested as we have made the trip down to Orlando twice now. But I would really encourage you guys to make the drive up to us as well for our competition on 1/26/13!!! Looking to have UIUC, MSU & CSUN there so it should be a royal brawl. :wink:

That sounds fantastic! I’ll have to check with the team to be sure we can swing it. All of us are involved with other things, so our building process takes a bit longer. And budgeting tends to be the main issue. But that does sound like a great gathering of teams! I may bring a small group to participate!

I’ve talked with the team and it seems the dates you have don’t work for some members. I know this might sound like a big request but maybe one week earlier? :slight_smile:

A week earlier is certainly possible for us. :slight_smile:

Is this event still being planned? I do not see it on Robot Events.

Any word on the competition?

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