College competitons around finals

Ok so vex has really been pushing college challenge and really want it to make it more available to students, but what they have yet to adress is that worlds is right around the time of finals here in the U.S.A. None of our members can attend worlds mid April. I’m sure that everyone can understand that we really want to attend this awsome event. Does anyone (including VEX officials) have any input on how we can make this work? We realize that there are other events, but worlds is special.

Take your finals early :slight_smile: Thats what I do with all my finals I’m always done a week or two ahead of everyone else.

  • Andrew

When I was a college student who spent waaaaay too much time on extracurricular robotics – we were usually able to get special exemptions on tests. Talk to professors, talk to your department heads. You don’t know what special dispensation you can get until you ask.