College Level Robotics

I’ve been doing a little bit of research and I was wondering what types of college level robotics competition leagues are available that is similar to VRC. I’m currently in my junior year and would like to keep doing competition robotics into college (as its mostly the main thing keeping me alive atm). There seems to be a couple competitions that have some widespread popularity, I’m just wondering if anyone has some insight on this as there isn’t much information readily available that I could find.


Good News! VEX runs VEX U, which is the university version of VEX VRC. It’s the same game as VEX VRC each year, but adds more challenge, and opens up more freedom such as the use of 3D printed parts in the robot.


Thank you for the information! I will definitely look into Vex U. Hopefully the colleges in Idaho actually have some involvement in it… I’m lucky I live in the one town has a developed robotics program in both vex IQ and VRC (1588 is our number for our HS teams)

@Dave-TBR, if you’re set on wanting to compete in a program like VRC, then VEXU is probably the best bet for you. Nevertheless, I’d like to throw out a perhaps lesser known robotics program for K-12 as well as college age for anyone who might be looking for another option.

I competed in VRC for all four years of high school, and now I compete in MATE ROV (Marine Advanced Technology Education - Remotely Operated Vehicle) at the university that I am attending. Although I’ve found MATE ROV to be quite different from VEX, it provides many opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge in ways that simply aren’t possible in VEX, starting with the fact that you must design your robot to function underwater (water game, anyone?). I would say that MATE ROV could be a great option for anyone wanting to gain real world experience in engineering challenges.


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