College rules clarification

According to the Robot Rules Modifications

  1. Teams are allowed to fabricate their own unique VEX parts from the following additional items, for
    each of their robots:
    a. One (1) piece of plastic block 6” x 6” x 1”
    i. Examples of “plastic block” are PVC, Delrin, and ABS
    b. One (1) sheet of Polycarbonate (also known by trade-names such as Lexan) no larger
    than 12” x 24” and no thicker than 1/16”.
    c. One (1) sheet of Steel OR Aluminum no larger than 12” x 12” and no thicker than 1/16”.

Does fabricate imply that we can cut the polycarbonate, or the sheet metal, and use the separate pieces?

For example, can I take my 12" x 12" sheet and make two 6" x 12" sheets?

since we are allowd to cut vex metal, that would be legal