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Recently, the number of posts/requests for information regarding college, scholarships, and career-related information has increased. I’d like to suggest having a sub-forum dedicated to this topic. If we moved previous posts in random places to this page, we would have valuable resources consolidated and easier to find.

Great idea,

Just today, there has been a great response on Chief Delphi, What is your day job ?

Let’s start a similar question on this thread,

What is your day to day job/university/activity ?

I teach math at a junior college, mainly “refresher” math (varying levels of algebra), though I have taught most classes in the math sequence up to Calc III, as well as statistics. As the years go by, I find that younger students seem to have less familiarity with solid objects, so I often do demos with “math manipulatives” like baseboard, tile, 2 X 4’s, tape measures, foam cubes (Elevation, anyone?), and of course, robots.

But I spend a lot more time on my unpaid job, which I could easily have made into a full-time career. The main elements of child and elder care include the usual roles of chef and chauffeur, but also some interesting informal ones over the years: autism specialist, general contractor, EMT/medical assistant, financial manager, and human GPS.

Like this?
I type on a computer keyboard. Sometimes I talk with people.
Sometimes I do both at the same time. The key is knowing what to type.

I work as a Documentation Drafter / Reverse Modeler for Hernon Manufacturing. An adhesive company that competes against Loctite. My area of expertise is robotics, I can not say much more than that at the moment. However its a running joke on my team… “IT’S NOT LOCTITE IT’S THREADLOCKER!” I am a sophomore in College and would have never gotten this job without FIRST.

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So for me? It was Chick-fil-A to pay the bills. Not very glamorous, but it’s money.

All last year, and then this summer again? I’m an intern out at NASA Langley Research Center. I do firmly believe robotics played an enormous role in getting that position. :slight_smile:

Currently? I took a two month break from school, and I’m driving around the country. I’ll be at Worlds, so yeah. PM me if you are interested in getting together. Odds are I might be driving through your state (if you are in the continental 48)