College Students under 18

This was from the World Championship Q&A:

Emphasis mine.

My question: What about early graduates? The above Q&A seems to say that by “college,” VEX is referring to a education for those 18 years and older, and that younger college students may (but not necessarily) participate on a College team. Does this mean that students enrolled in a college/university under age 18 can play in the “normal” (non-college) league?


Not quite, by “college” we mean “post-secondary educational institution.” Since you are in the US, it’s easier to respond to your specific question:

  1. If you are in college or university, you belong on a college team, regardless of your age. If you are only enrolled in college or university, you may not be on the drive team of a high school team, although you may still be a mentor. (And here is where the international nature of the program shows up. We mean “college or university” in the UK/US/Canada sense, where “college” means post-secondary education meant primarily for those over age 18, not, for example, “college” in the New Zealand sense.)

  2. If you are in high school, you belong on a high school team, regardless of your age.

  3. If you are jointly enrolled in high school and college (as in a Running Start or similar program), you may play on either a college or high school team.

The mention of age 18 was meant as guidance for the the countries that do not have an educational system similar to the US and Canada. Frankly, with more than 20 countries participating in VRC, it’s difficult to write one rule that will cover everyone.

Ok, thanks!