College VEX Elevation Videos

We posted a few of the Rice University Matches for College VEX .

The 3rd match of finals, the Undertaker gets high-sided on a cube and it became 2 New Zealand Kiwis versus the Overtaker !

Looking forward to College VEX Clean Sweep this year !

I know one of our grads (418) is going to Harvey Mudd and wants to do college VEX, and a bunch at University of Washington do too. I wonder where the first VRCCC regional will be held?

VRCCC - What an acronym !

The VEX college teams are so spread out, I would guess VEX College regionals eventually spring up heavily in the northeast, California and Texas.

Stupid question: My understanding is that college teams do not have to qualify (at a regional) in order to compete at the international event? It’s my first year of this at the college level.


maybe this is dumb but for VRCCC all i can come up with is Vex Robotics Competition College ???:confused:

DinerKid: Try switching up the two “C” words you have.

VEX Robotics College Competition.

That’s my best guess.

Vex Robotics Competition
College Challenge

Easier to think of when you break it up.

@Rick: I think this is what you meant.

It’s really the VEX Robotics College Competition or VRCC. I stuttered!

From conversations, if enough VEX college teams register, VEX will consider a regional system. This will most likely happen in an area that has the most teams (California, NorthEast, Texas… ) As of now , any college VEX team can enter into the World Championship.

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL advice… just an educated guess