College Vex

has anyone seen or have pics of some of the college vex bots. i was just curious because I just read th e rules and they are allowed ro use up to 20 motors on 2 microcontrollers. So if you have any could you post them or do I have to wait till Dallas.

Rice University had posted a picture of theirs here:

We scrimmaged against them yesterday. If they can improve their autonomous, they will be a force on the field.

I wouldn’t expect to see a huge difference between some of the higher end high school teams and the college teams. The only difference is you may see the college teams using one controller to run the drive train and the second controller to run the manipulator.

It’s my understanding that the college teams have built pairs of robots, instead of an individual robot hoping to find a compatible partner.

Because of this, I would expect to see a big difference because they can engineer for teamwork. For example, there’s no reason that a college team couldn’t build a bot whose purpose was to gather and hold all the cubes (and sit on the center as a heavy blob) and a second bot designed to get cubes from the gatherer and place them. This sort of possibility doesn’t work as well in the high school format because the teamwork isn’t guaranteed to be there.

We will try to post the final version of the both Rice University robots soon.

As promised, here are Undertaker and Overtaker from Rice Robotics


That guy on the end looks kinda shifty though… :wink:

Can’t wait to see them in action on the college challenge field.