Color Camera in Events


Is it legal to use the VEX Color Camera on a competition Robot ( Specifically streaming the robot’s FPV to an external monitor/TV.
According to <R7> D, teams may use cameras as long as wireless communications are turned off, however this rule specifically applies to “non-vex” Components.


I would assume it would be legal, but there is no way the drivers could actually see the live feed. You can’t use stuff like phones during the match.

no - it is explicitly prohibited in the game manual as it is a Vexplorer product.

There is no way of turning off the camera’s communication.

Not true

iv. Cameras are permitted as non-functional decorations provided that any transmitting functions or wireless communications are disabled. Unusually large cameras being used as ballast are not permitted.

and prohibited VEX electronics
b. ElectronicsfromtheVEXpro,VEX-RCR,VEXIQ,orVEXRoboticsbyHEXBUGproductlineare prohibited including all VEXplorer electronics.

Thanks for speedy reply, sucks we can’t stream video but it makes sense. Would suck to get DC’d or something due to camera transmissions in middle of a match. Marking @lacsap as best answer.