Color Camera

Does anyone have a color camera they are willing to part with for free/cheap? They are discontinued thru VEX.

Please respond back or PM if you could help out or have one. Competing in Skills USA and need one for one of the competitions.

OR if you have a better option for them compatible with cortex. Thanks!!

@WARCoachL please don’t give away your email address on the public forum!

Edit to add: You can use the pm feature more securely and confidentially. :slight_smile: DRow has edited posts for this reason in the past.

Edited again to add: My bad. The address was public knowledge anyway, available on the school website.

Thank you. It’s public knowledge on the school’s website. I didn’t see how it was much different but I appreciate it.

My bad! Apologies.

Try to get in contact with close by vexU teams, they might have a spare that you can borrow for a while and, because you are local, they might be willing to lend it to you. I’ve also had really good luck with borrowing parts from other teams in my area, you could try that. Good luck!