Color coded screws?

Has anyone used the color coded screws from RoboSource? I’m thinking about switching over to them to make sorting/storage easier, but I’m concerned the color coded paint on them won’t last very long. What has your experience been with them over time? Has the paint chipped, etc.?

I would recommend sorting using the tipping point mobile goals. It allows backward compatibility with your existing screws. It is what I use currently and it is nice.

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All teams I have spoken to that have used them have had nothing but praise for the approach. It helps keep organized and identify if the build is using the right sizes.


My coach will just take standard non-colored screws, and spray paint the heads certain colors. Red in 3/8, blue is 1/4, yellow is 1/2, green is 3/4, and silver is 1+.

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I don’t know if it’s common, but I can usually tell the length of a screw just by looking at it.


We’ve only had them for a short period of time, but we haven’t noticed excess wear, chipping. We’ve seen scratches and wear around the socket, but that’s to be expected. They are worth it.


Go ahead and pick up a pack of the shoulder screws too, they are completely worth it.


I 100% endorse the color coded screws. The paint chips, but I haven’t seen a single one completely bare or even 1/2 way.

Not having to gues and check screw sizes is awesome - especially at the middle school level, kids can just say “go grab a yellow screw”.


We have them on our robot from this year. The paint holds up well and they make sorting and making sure you have the right size much easier.

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Pick me, I buy kits for teams, and I harvest out the push pins and the screwes. I replace them with the color screws. An isntant leg up for every team,

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They are worth every penny.

Using these screws doesn’t just make sorting easier it also makes building much faster. If, for example you make one of a mechanism that you need 2 of you can easily see which screw sizes you used originally. I cannot recommend them enough, especially with all the other parts robosource sells for much cheaper than Vex.


if you’re scared of the price, you could always buy normal screws and spray paint them. but basically in the end, you want color coded screws - it makes your life wayyy easier

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On the topic of spray painting screws, does anyone know if spray painting the threads of a screw has an impact on performance?

I don’t know how much the shopping is for robosource to ship to the UK, so I might just buy screws and spray paint them myself, but I don’t know if it has an impact if it gets on the threads

You don’t want paint on the threads. Buy a base plate, or use a wide C channel to hold a batch of screws, then spray paint the heads only.