Color kits

Is there an option to order a kit (Super, Foundation, Competition, etc.) in a color scheme other than gray and blue?

That would be fun, but it isn’t an option outside of buying the individual components in specific colors.

Might there be enough interest to offer this in the future?

I think it would be a cool idea; I think it might be tough for VEX. A higher cost to put together the kits with the risk of no one purchasing a certain color. I wouldn’t mind ordering a robot in our schools colors, I think that would be neat. I think if they were to offer this it would be a special order on their end. Over the years we’ve collected quite a bit of different colored structural pieces that they have some color options when building.

We bought the parts a-la carte to build a couple “teacher’s kits” so when parts are loaned out, you can get them back easily. It’s"painful" to pay nearly twice as much as they would have cost in a Superkit. Don’t expect to get color kits from VEX though…one of their fixes to the supply chain problem is to reduce SKUs, not increase them


I do the same with STEMRobotics parts that I want back, they are the purple ones. They are crowd favorites with the roboteers, but easy for me to look in parts bins at the end of the season and harvest them back. I’ll be OK until the 2020 game “Turn-Up/Turn-Down” where the field is made of all purple components…

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