Color of 3D printed plates

We are 3D printing custom license plates. In them, we glue a plate of text that says our team names and number onto the plate and it is printed white.

I heard the ref say that the background of the plate we glue onto the license plate has to not be white so we can see the actual letters and numbers which will be white.

However, we didn’t find any ruling like this is the game manual. Is it legal or not?

Look at photo for reference. (Photo)

Please see this very similar thread/answer from just a short time ago.

I looked at the picture, and if I were head ref, would make you change the plates because it’s too hard to read the number. Refer to subpoint “a” in rule R24.

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I’ve run inspections and been a head ref a number of times… I’d make you change the plates because they are too difficult to read, especially during a hectic match. (What if another team had a similar hard-to-read plate?)

Assuming that you can only print in one color of filament, you would be better off printing in red/blue and then painting the surface of the raised letters and numbers white to not violate rule R24.c