Color sensor not showing up in. Ports 2 and 3

I was working with some sample code (RobotC) using the color sensor in reflected RGB mode. When the color sensor was in port three it would not show up in the sensor debugger window.
I tested the cable, swapped out color sensors and all of that. When I changed the motors and sensors set up to use the color sensor in port 7 or 9 it worked like a charm. Here is a screenshot of the sample code. I have two color sensors one in port three and one in port seven. When the code is running a color sensor on port 7 works, but port three does not show up. I have seen this on students robots using RobotC Graphical last week. The students ended up switching the color sensor to a different port. I thought it was a one-off glitch. Anyone have any ideas or have you seen this problem? Thank you


Sometimes it seems like you just need to add them to the debugger manually. Right click and tell it what sensor is there. Not sure why this happens