Color sensor not showing up when debugging

I am using Graphical RobotC for VEX Robotics.

I am trying to check the values that the color sensor receives, but the sensor is not showing up at all. I
have put the color sensor in the Motors and Sensors Setup,

but when I debug it, only the bumper appears.

I have the color sensor connected to the Port3. I have tried putting different categories in the Motors and Sensors Setup (like Hue or Grayscale), but it has not worked either.

I would thank any help provided.



I have tried to manually add it by right clicking in the sensors section when debugging. When I select port3, this appears automatically:

Color - Not Active. When I select colorHue and press OK, nothing happens.

When forcing the program to show me in the screen of the robot the sensor value, by doing this:

This message appears on the screen:


im new to robotc myself…so bear with me… i believe the de-bugging message is telling you that under ‘motors and sensors setup/sensors’, you are telling the program that you have the bump sensor attached to port 8, but when the program checks the actual port 8 on the brain, it is not finding this sensor connected. so i would first check the brain… do you actually have the bump sensor attached to port 8? if not, then make sure the ‘name’ section under ‘motors and sensors setup/devices’ is blank, and set the ‘sensor type’ to ‘no sensor/motor’…im not sure about the rest of it, but hopefully that will help with the ‘debugging’ part of your post? good luck

Or is it stuck in the wrong color mode, ie: grayscale, 3 color, of 16 color.