Color Sensor Stopping on Black Lines of Playing Field

I am using the playing field and some of our robots are stopping when they go over the black grid lines and the touch LED is lighting up red causing the robot to stop.

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I’m assuming stopping on the black line is not the robot behavior you’re looking for.

What program are you running on the robot – any chance it’s one of the programs built-in to the brain?

If you’re running a program you wrote yourself, could you share that program here?

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We are using the demo/sensors built in code. The students are using the remote to guide the robots to clean up a chemical spill so they need to avoid red spots I placed on the field. However, many, not all of our 36 robots are stopping on the black. I have tried updating, swapping out the color sensor, the touch LED, the brain and nothing is working.

The colour sensor has multiple modes. When sensing colour, it can’t determine between black and white, just hue values. My guess is that the black lines are returning a green hue value and triggering this part of the built in code:

You will need to write your own code in VEXcode blocks to handle avoiding the black lines on the field.

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