Color Sensor

Can you please explain (using Modkit) how to get the exact color that the sensor is reading? Also in modkit, can we access more than just the 4 colors in the dropdown? I have a bunch of if statements for the 4 colors but it seems that the reading of the color is inconsistent - best way to see is actually output to the brain the color value. How is that achieved using modkit?

THe quickest way is to have the touch LED “show” what the color sensor is “seeing”. Here are screenshots that should help.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 7.08.50 AM.png

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 7.08.24 AM.png

Thanks. . But say I want to use the sensor to follow a red line. It appears that it’s seeing a bunch of hues and based on ambient light what it sees might not be exact red. I’m trying to figure out…is it the value decimal or hexadecimal. We are trying to make our robot follow a red line. But the drop downs provided only have white, red, green or blue. We’d like to say if it’ s a shade of red to be able to account for shadows or ambient light colors. Thoughts. Again…using Modkit with a 4th grader.

UPDATE: well, after a lot of playing what we determined is that we needed to mount a light right next to the color sensor (using a bike light) because of shadows. And most shadows appear as blue. So for us we are using green tape to follow (as we didn’t have red in tape that we can remove from the object and reset to reuse). Also, a small bicycle light will do the trick. We tried putting the touch led sensor right next to it and put it on white in hopes of adding enough light but it’s not strong enough to over come the shadow of the sensors or even the cables. Hope this helps someone if they decide to try this project - and helps the vex folks perhaps design a sensor with light in future models for when a color sensor is used in a downward environment.