Colorado state

All the colorado teams know how bad state was this weekend.

Some things that happened in the middle school side.

Skills was cut of early, making so some teams that should have qualified to worlds through skills
The bottom 8 teams where cut off from elimination because they “didn’t feel like” running more matches

So many other things. This state was a terrible experience and I want to know what else happened. Thank you.


I’m sorry to hear that. It must have been a frustrating day for the Event Partner, referees, and other participants. :frowning: I think a lot of regions are struggling to recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and a couple of years without large events.


There is a negative way to do this (grouse, complain, blame, etc.) and a positive way. I’m sure the EP and refs wanted everyone to have a good experience, and maybe fell a little short. Providing constructive feedback is an important skill for anyone to have


States just…
I don’t want to talk about it

It was bad
Unluck 10000 for my team
Hs skills closed at 1:30
Ms skills never closed
A hs team got 7 runs
The tourney crashed
A LOT more sensitive stuff



This does appear to be true, given that the R16 appears to have been skipped entirely:

Considering this is a worlds qualification event it is unfortunate that the rulebook was not followed and 8 teams were cut out of the elimination bracket just to save 4 bo1 matches.


This competition sounds worse than our worst competition in arizona this year which was ran super bad the refs didn’t know the rules, and we lost elims because of a rule violation. Along with other matches. I feel for you guys like I know that the refs are volunteers but it’s still their responsibility to fulfill so it’s not fair to the teams who lost because they didnt fulfill their responsibility


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I can attest. I was on the high school side and witnessed some of middle school.

Unfortunately this is true. I had a 1 on 1 discussion with the EP requesting a way to speed up skills, which was met with “No. That’s not how I want to run it”. On the high school side due to slow skills, 1 team was never given the chance for a drivers run, and 7 others were not given the chance for an autonomous run. After being promised that any teams in line by 1:30 would get to go, it just closed and everybody (who ate lunch on the floor for that line) never got their next run. Some of these teams would have qualified for worlds had they been given their fair chance at runs.

I personally believe it is in poor taste to publicly discuss this topic like this, work is being done. Just wanted to clarify, very few of the teams felt properly cared for at that tournament, very few felt like it was even tried to care for them. That is all, I will clarify questions regarding HS skills opportunity, but otherwise will not be replying in this topic again.


The head ref got kicked out for a G1/code of conduct violation (He screamed at multiple teams including mine and multiple of my sister teams) but the EP definitely seemed like he was trying his best to make sure everyone had a good time. Even with all the issues it was still quite fun (although it was stressful too) and I am glad that we had the event even if it wasn’t the best.


I do agree, it fun. and it being my first state made it rlly fun

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We were one of the 8 teams cut off early and I can’t tell you how frustrating it was. We probably wouldn’t have gotten far cause of robot issues, but you never know. We could have won finals magically, and we would never know cause they were too self-focused to go the extra couple of matches.


Yep, terrible event. I think skills matches were taking about 10 mins it seems per run because they turned down volunteers that would have allowed for field resetters. Some complaints have been filed, but not sure if action were to be taken. As far as I am aware any double quals are to be passed down through season wide world skills rankings for Colorado, and if not due to the disaster of this event they should.


As someone who was reffing at the competition, I am so incredibly sorry. I have reffed high school the whole season and I thought I was well enough versed in the rules to help with middle school. Clearly, I was wrong. I also apologize for not stepping in when the head ref was yelling at everyone. I should have held him back, but I was also afraid that he would get even more angry. Long story short, I am so so so sorry to the Colorado middle school teams. You deserved much better and I’m sorry I couldn’t provide that.


Sorry everyone’s frustrated at you, too. People have been sightly impolite. Thanks for trying.

Yes, yes, yes, I understand the teams’ complaints, too. I feel bad for everyone.

Even though I wasn’t there.


Can this go quiet for a little bit. Let teams work with RECF Regional Support team and EP to understand what happened and how to make it better.

@DRow time to pause this discussion for 24 hours?


Unlocking this thread. Please don’t make me regret doing so.


I’m fine with the kids being frustrated with me. I could have done better. And this is a place where they’re allowed to discuss that frustration. And honestly, a ton of the kids have messaged me and they’ve all been really polite! I just wish things went better.


As a parent and a consistent volunteer on tournament days for 7 years, I am just sad that so many kids didn’t feel like CO State lived up to their expectations. We all have tournaments where our robot/program doesn’t perform well or our alliances weren’t ideal. This day felt much different than that. I wish that we could go back and put together a truly heartfelt closing ceremony that celebrated a year of victories and our awesome comeback stories.
I would like to thank each one of the volunteers who made this season possible for all of the teams in Colorado. You gave the kids the opportunity to learn teamwork, programming, building, public speaking and so much more. You put the kids first and saw how much passion they had put into their programs, all the while remembering that they are kids. There so many options for volunteer of the year, I may have chosen Sophia Tsai.
I am most disappointed that our Colorado tradition of honoring this year’s graduating seniors was overlooked. Each one of these kids put in so much time and effort, CADing, building, programming and documenting their processes. They mentored younger teams, inspired kids to join robotics, explained VEX to friends, family, educators and sponsors. Each one of them continued to pave a path for kids to follow in their footsteps, all while filling out their college applications or planning for life after graduation.
Graduates from Colorado VEX are our best and most dedicated volunteers. Becca, Koby, Matthew, Andrew and Will were integral in any successes that came from this year’s state tournament. They always inspire me by putting the kids first and understanding why we are here each Saturday, giving the kids an opportunity to showcase their hard work and dedication, no matter how long it takes.
I love VEX robotics and am passionate about ensuring that we are all inspired to do better, but that doesn’t change the tears shed over this very difficult tournament. I hope that each team can find things to celebrate. I will be there, watching next year’s game reveal and cheering for you at your first competition in the fall. Good luck and keep working hard, you are learning valuable skills that will serve you in building our future.


I’m confused. I just looked up this tournament. There were only 24 teams. Don’t you need at least 32 teams to do a round of 16? I think that’s probably why they went straight to quarterfinals.