Colorado Teams

I saw this thread: and thought that the teams from Colorado also deserved some special recognition, so here goes:
1069B: The redesigned chassis on this robot was truly phenomenal, allowing it to drive straight over objects yet still remain stable.
1069C: Definitely a very creative robot, and did well at both state and world championship levels.
1069D: Congrats on the Build Award! This was yet another creative, memorable design.
1069E: Again, congrats on the Excellence Award! You had a strong, stable robot and the pneumatic brakes worked like a charm.
1166: I imagine you were hot contenders for the Build award as well: your robot was stable, and I loved the goal positioning system on pneumatics. You made great alliance partners at the Colorado Championship :wink:
1826: Congrats on the 7th seed! You had tough quarters but it you gave the 2nd place alliance a good run for their money.
3876X: After the 1st day, I saw you guys waaaay up on the rankings. Tough luck later on, but still, that’s an amazing accomplishment.
3876C: You guys had one of the most creative designs in the MS division, and congrats on the MS Design Award!
3946A: Speaking of the Design Award, congrats on the HS Design Award! You really need to show us how to make a good engineering notebook.:smiley:
974: I feel bad gloating about my own team, but hey, that Create award ain’t decorative :wink:

Overall, Colorado took home 5 trophies from Worlds, raising the current total to 6. This might be the highest number of awards per team out of any region. (correct me if I’m wrong, anybody) So well done, and we hope to bring the same level of competition in years to come!

Wisconsin has won a few trophies as well. This year at worlds team 1200B took the support award from the science division. Team 1200C won the excellence award in the technology (I think) division. Then team 1200’s mentor Greg Cheslock received the Mentor of the Year award. Lastly, is team 2177 from Oconowac, WI and they won the excellence award in the middle school division!

This goes for if your speaking state, if you are speaking region then 3018 from Council Bluffs, Iowa won the overall high school Excellence award and divisional excellence. And also 355B from Illinois won the divisional build award.

Congrats to all Colorado teams for their wins!

Define “region”? We (2941A) were the only NZ team at worlds that wasn’t from Auckland, and we are only a 2 and a half hour drive away from Auckland, so you could consider all NZ teams that attended worlds as one region. If so:

2900A: World Champions, Divisional Champions
720P: Divisional Amaze Award
2915A: Divisional Finalists
2915B: Divisional Champions
2921A: Divisional Sportsmanship Award
2931: Divisional Community Award (MS)
2941A: Divisional Champions

That’s 8. Also, if you include College:

AURA: College 2nd place, CAD Online challenge winners
MESS: College Build award

That would make 11 (Sorry if I missed anyone out, that was all off the top of my head). I believe we had 12 teams from New Zealand attend.

By region, I meant state. I was a little boneheaded at the time and didn’t really think about out of country. Well, congrats to NZ!

Hmm… Singapore won 9 awards this year… not counting the online challenges.

So I would say smaller countries like us (and NZ of course) are definitely punching above our weight :slight_smile:

Fix’d. Guess I got a little excited there. :wink: Congrats to Wisconsin, NZ and Singapore as well, you guys were awesome as well.

California as a whole

404- Division Champion
404D- Amazing Award
404E- Division Champion
542-Community Award
569-Division Champion and World Champion
687N- Energy Award
1437Z- Teamwork Award
3129A- Think Award

9 awards :slight_smile:

You forgot one: 254 - EMC Website Design Challenge, First Place

We are really impressed by the California teams this year.
It is not just the achievements, but we are also impressed by the designs and as well as you guys being so gracious and wonderful to work with :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick TYler. :). And 8059 Thanks you guys are pretty awesome as well (double 4-bar) :).