Colored tubing/non smc

According to this q&a only black smc and all of the past mentions of commercially available tubing have been secretly removed from the game manual ad far as my team has found.

Personally I don’t think teams should have to use the over priced leak prone smc tubing. And should be able like as in the past to use different colors of tubing.


you’re right, it’s silly that teams are forced to use only black tubing from smc in less than 5’ sections.

The rules this year aren’t exactly known for being sensical though, so don’t expect anything to change.


The rules are the rules :confused:
luckily you can buy tubing for cheap! (smcpneumatics also sells longer lengths if needed)

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Is there an explanation for this rule? We went to states with red tubing that was identical in all but color to Vex’s and we got called out for it during inspection. We had to borrow some from another team. Needless to say we have since bought black tubing.

No explanation, beyond “Because the GDC says so”. I’m holding my breath that they will soon require rubber bands to be orange and zip ties to be black, to be consistent with the colors Vex sells.

In a year of many inexplicable rules, this one seems to top the list of inane rules that have no real effect.


Given that pressurized air tubing/piping/etc can be surprisingly dangerous, I’m not surprised that they are only allowing one approved vendor and one approved part #.

can’t wait to run out of rubber bands because i have to spend $4 on a 10 pack instead of $3 on 1/4th lb of rubber bands

i might use too many rubber bands

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It’s very very easy, however to get a different color tubing SMC provides from their website.

It takes negligible effort.

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That’s not the question. It can very easily be a legal/risk assessment. Black is easier to read the part # from for tech inspectors.

The main danger of pneumatic components is that something under high pressures will rupture and release a lot of air out at once, sending something flying.

Thing about tubing though, is that even if tubing under 100 psi did rupture and open up fully, air can only flow out so quickly, limited by the small diameters in the tubing and fittings. The absolute worst thing that could happen from this would be a robot loses all it’s air, which is let out in a little puff. I don’t see how it could pose any safety hazard.

Something like over pressurizing or modifying the reservoirs on the other hand could be very dangerous, as if those were breached, the air could be let out in a much faster and more violent way, potentially launching dangerous fragments.

but as far as tubing is concerned, I can’t picture a scenario where poor quality tubing would ever pose a safety risk.


Must be something in the water supply in Texas…

Please, don’t tell me that tubing coming in all colors of the rainbow is too gay for vex.