Colored V5 Pieces?

I have been seeing a TON of robot reveals and I see some teams using colored pieces but when I search online I cannot find any colored pieces.

Does anyone know where I can get pieces in different colors?

People paint or anodize them.

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Paint? like spray paint…

And what is anodize?

the gears are usually dyed

We have used spray paint to color our pieces. Anodizing is using chemicals and electric current to to form a colored oxide layer on the surface of aluminum. I wouldn’t anodize if you don’t have any experience with it. Spray painting is very easy.


I am talking more about structural pieces but thanks for the info

Do you know how to dye gears or at least where to get that type of stuff

ok thanks a lot

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You can’t buy colored pieces unfortunately, you can anodize them though, if you have little to no experience in anodizing I would recommend sending your parts to an anodizing company to do it for you. I would not recommend painting your parts as paint will tend to chip or fall off of your robot. For your plastic pieces I would recommend dying, it is relatively easy. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to dye plastic.


Sorry but I have to mention @Zeldaa. Most amazing c channel art