Colored Vex Pieces?

Can someone please point me in the right direction as to where to find colored Vex IQ pieces (not blue/grey). I’ve seen pictures of builds online but can’t find out where to buy them.
Thanks in advance.

Robot Mesh stocks all the colors. Click on any part on the structure page: and you will see all the color choices. Gray is the default color – and the most boring!

You can get them from VEX as well. This is the complete list of products. The ones with different colors are noted.

Well, yeah, but Robot Mesh doesn’t charge for shipping on orders in the USA over $50. :slight_smile:

Very true. I have found that vex shipping is run by the reincarnated Knight Sir Charge a Lot…

If you are in Delaware, STEMRobotics has the same offer, plus a free part! Send me an email and I’ll set you up.

I’d like to see HEXbug offer a “Magic Parts Kit” with all the arms, legs, levers, and unique parts in a single kit. I stocked up with these during the recent HEXbug 30% off sale, but would like to be able to get these to my roboteers a little easier. From a SKU standpoint from VEX, these things already come in special bags, so kitting them up should be pretty easy.

Hey, roboteers interested in how big companies package parts? Go to your favorite HEXbug place and buy 4-5 HEXbugs. Dump them on the table and match the bags of parts across the HEXbugs. See how lots of the bags match? See how there are a few different parts? It’s very cool how HEXbug manages their bulk parts vs unique parts. Everyone thinks the engineering is the key part, but the packing and logistic guys can often turn a loss into a winner. Everyone thinks “MY COOL IDEA == $$$” but when you partner with packaging, it can be “$$$$$$$”.

Is magic allowed? We did play Quidditch in our summer camp…

Thanks everyone for the responses! :wink: