Colorful Metal and Wheels!

I’m in my fourth year of robotics and I still haven’t figured out how to make metal look so nicely colored like 1104 teams do and the same with the wheels. How would you guys suggest doing it?

From what I’ve heard you do the wheels by rolling painters tape on the rollers and then spray painting it.


This is the best way to do it, some teams remove the rollers themselves but there’s a big risk of damaging the wheels that way.

@Tony Zhang some people don’t know what that is.

Isn’t anodizing super time-consuming/hard? @Tony Zhang

Found this handy-dandy video…

removing rollers in fine on 4in and 2.75in wheels. DO NOT ATTEMPT on 3.25, just use painters tape (i used electrical tape)

Anyone who does their own Anodizing or do most people have it professionally done?

Most have it done professionally, as getting stuff to do it is very expensive

I have my own anodizing station that I set up. It was a bit finicky at first, but it now runs pretty well.

Define expensive

@NightsRosario Did you buy one of the Caswell kits? That’s the one I thought looked best. Do you mind sharing more details on how you do it and/or share some tips and tricks that helped you.

Expensive: more than i am willing to pay

I just looked on YouTube and asked others who have anodizing setups on the best amount of stuff without spending the most money. I saw some of the Caswell kits and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a small little setup. We wanted ours a bit bigger so I bought all the necessary materials relative to the size I wanted.

It is sold here by a Vex team

They talk about the process a bit here

Does anyone know if they plan on restocking and or getting more c channel sizes in (like 1X5)???

I asked Sam a little while back and he said no.

Ok :slight_smile: