Coloring metal white

For some reason (definitely not because I want a maroon and white robot) I want to color some aluminum white, however, white is one of the colors anodization cannot do because of particle size. Does anyone know of an alternative to anodization that produces a similar look without the increased thickness? I can powder coat and paint things, but that adds a small amount of thickness to the metal that could completely mess with things.

My sister team built their robot out of powder coated metal and stand offs, so I think it is probably fine.
Here’s a video of their bot: VEX Change Up Live Remote Tournament Auton (Worlds Championships) | Team 4253W - YouTube


powder coats tend to be a thickness of around 2.5-3 mils. that’s 0.0025”-0.003”. compared to vex (and assembly) tolerances, this is negligible

robosource shoulder screws are 0.176”-0.178” (based off measurements i took with my mics), and the vex square holes are circumscribed by a 0.182” circle. powder coats are very very thin

for the record anodizing alu adds a layer of aluminum oxide, so it’s the same deal there too- although a good ano tends to be closer to 0.0005", with the upper bound being around 0.006" according to wikipedia