Colour camera connection issues

I cannot get the Vex camera to work with my Vex Cortex. In particular, it is not getting power from the Cortex when I connect it to a motor port as suggested in the documentation. It seems to be set up to work (essentially) in the same manner as the flashlight, which I have working, but I am either doing something incorrectly or I maybe I have a faulty camera? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brentrobo,

I hope all is well.
Please connect the camera into the Cortex per the diagram shown in page number three of the Camera Inventors Guide and make sure the switch is on the “on” position.

Also please review the troubleshooting guide on page number four.
Let me know your results.


Hello Eli,
I did everything according to the inventor’s guide and checked the trouble shooting guide already but the LED light on the camera is not coming on (indicating no power), this is the reason for my post. Is it likely a faulty camera?


We would like to get back your unit for further analysis.
Please contact and request a return form, make sure to include your VEX order number along with your request.

If under warranty, we will be able to repair/replace your unit.