Colour Sensor 'Near' always 'True'


​I am using Modkit with VEX IQ with the colour sensor set in 12colour mode. I have the colour and the Near value printing to the Brain screen. When I place different coloured objects in front of the colour sensor it displays the colour reasonably accurately, although not great, but the value for ‘Near’ always displays true, even if there is nothing in front of the sensor.

​Also, is there a way to get the light on the sensor to turn on in 12 colour mode to maybe improve colour sensing accuracy? It only seems to come on when in greyscale mode.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try using setColorMode(port, colorTypeRGB_12Colors_Reflected);

I am using Modkit so don’t think I can do that. Is there some way I am not aware of? (38.6 KB)