Coloured LED lights on robot

can u use them??? if so how do u put them on ur robot??? :0

Officially, no. We’ve seen robots that have had them. Karthik has said that because the LED lights use an external battery pack, they are considered illegal (even if the whole system is nonfunctional). I’ve seen several robots that have the lights on them and they aren’t typically called out because it’s not really match affecting and they look cool.

TL;DR: They’re technically illegal but it’s not really enforced. So if you want to use them, be prepared to take them off if asked.

As for the legal, VEX LED’s, has anyone done anything cool with them?

I plugged one in backwards and it produced a lot of bad smelling smoke :eek:

With the height of robots in Skyrise I think they will need a blinking LED on top to warn low flying aircraft. :slight_smile:

Funny you should say this, because we’re actually considering a practical use for the VEX LEDs in our robot design, as indicators for active control systems.

We used them to indicate which autonomous was selected. Then they flashed randomly during driver, and autonomous periods.

Our other team (7581H) did some thing with instructed power levels from the joystick, and feedback of acutual motor power levels, but I’m not really sure. You would have to ask them for more detail on what it actually did. It must have been useful to them because they had them for a while, and at worlds.

Interesting…I’d consider incorporating a system like that, except that we might not have enough ports on the cortex. Expanding on our control system idea, we were thinking using LEDs to indicate what increment our drive and lift is moving. If we have our drive controlled to move increments of 1 tile, 1/2 tile, or 1/4 tile at the press of a button,(Like on a D-pad) we’d be able to switch between the three increments and show which is active via LEDs. Same for our lift, like if we’re controlling it to move in precise increments for either posts or skyrise sections.

Can I steal that idea from you? Lol.

It did make us scramble for sensor ports before worlds. We had one of ours plugged into an analog port, because all the digital ports were used up. The other team had use use Y-cables on pnumatics or something like that.