Combining 2 teams for Worlds Qualifier

So our team registered for the worlds qualifier on the last spot before it have no spaces avaliable, while our sibling team was not able to register. The coach sugested that we should combine two teams to compete.

Would that be a problem? Some problems that I’ve found was that the roster would not match our engineering notebook, we would have to rearrange roles, we would have to modify our short interview presentation, and from orginally 5 to now 10 people working on one robot would definitely cause some problems.

As long as the drive team is the same it should be fine

I strongly recommend that you consult your RECF Regional Support Manager before the event. By having the teams combined for this one qualifier, you may be in a position of prohibiting the second team from competing at future World Qualifiers.

RECF RSM is the place to go with questions about team configuration, in particular for World qualifying events.