Combining Teams for State and World

I am on a team that didn’t qualify for our state championship. It was discussed if one of my teammates and I join our sister team who only has 2 members on it, and who had a good chance on continuing on after state. Is there anything that prohibits that?

If you read the Game Manual, it is clear what is permitted and what is not about moving students from one team to another. Please read it carefully, and if it is still unclear, come back and ask again.

I do advice to have this discussion with your coach (not a student team member). If circumstances warrant, have adult coach reach out to the RECF Team Engagement Manager.


Specifically, read G6 of Game Manual.


We would be combining teams, so that would be permitted.

That is not what is stated in G6.b for Championships event.

Please re-read the rule about the roles you would be allowed to fulfill on team.