Comedic + Stategic Advantage?

We were discussing the best ways to isolate the opponents from their scoring objects, and we realized perhaps the most effective way would be to put your opponent inside the ladder somehow. :slight_smile:

Probably unfeasible and certainly not in the spirit of VEX, this occurred to me and thought it’d be good for some humor if it were pulled off. Ladder = prison.

On the other hand, what someone (Hecko?) mentioned in another thread, putting game objects in the center of the ladder or just hoarding all of the rings seems fairly feasible.

Yeah i think pulling the tubes into the middle of the ladder or being able to move the goals into a corner and dump a mass amout of them behide them.

Or like teams did in elevation have a basket to hold the other teams tubes. :slight_smile:

thats what WE thought like 10 mins after we left the convention center!
but we checked the rules the next day and “picking up” breaks the entanglement rule
that would have been epic though :stuck_out_tongue:
and there is still the “putting the shot puts ON the opponent” option available :slight_smile:

My team member proposed earlier today that we make a high-velocity tube pitcher like 10D’s ball pitcher this year except with the new 2-wire motors and attack the opposing drivers with it. We effectively struck down that design in a unanimous vote.

Tubes in the middle of the ladder is probably going to be pretty important I think. My current plan for college challenge has one robot designed specifically for that and the high hang, assuming few rules changes.

Irrelevant: Were you at Dallas this year? I recognize your name from CD.

If you were to dump into the ladder, then the tubes would still be reachable by clawbots etc. Perhaps just have a giant bucket with a lid or one way gate so tubes can enter and not come out? Seeing as how they’re pretty light, it seems feasible to be hanging with a good 10 tubes in your robot (time to get creative with your motors ;))

Think not of picking up the robot, but picking up the ladder with two high-torque motors and a two-stage gear reduction.

Intentional tipping of the ladder and dropping weighted goals out of the field is illegal. Trust me, we’ve already looked :smiley:

Is it illegal to lift it and set it down without tipping it over? If not, it might be a great way to trap a robot.:smiley:

i doubt the other bots would be dumb enough to not see you comming going at 0.5:1 gear ratio
and if you drag the ladder, i think that you will scrape the foam therefore damaging the field/playing surface

Not drag, lift.

…OR you could play the game & win knowing that you truly beat the team and not my imprisoning them.

I would say the easiest way to disable a team, which is the true intent of any one of these maneuvers, would be to tip them over. Create a slope on the front of the robot. The bottom of most robots aren’t more than a 1/4" high. Just drive up, and watch em tip.

but that would be illegal “tipping”
were thinking of “legal miracles” :stuck_out_tongue:
would be funny if a team actually DOES this at worlds
like that of team 76

Nope, I was just at the FIRST Championship and with no team tied to my name competing at VRC, it was hard to justify the trip from New York to Dallas. Next year, the team I mentor (FRC 2791) will be entering VRC and hopefully one of them will qualify.

I think teams should focus on the out of the box strategies, but consider the difficulty of the task, amount of specialization needed, and the reward for doing so. At least you won’t be a copy. :slight_smile:

Executing legal maneuvers is playing the game.

Believing that you know or get to decide which subset of the legal maneuvers are “The game” and which are not, is a mistake.

We will be playing Round Up, not any other game.


I think we’re all underestimating the size of the tubes – storing 10 tubes would be quite a task, even for a decent sized basket. You would need the equivalent of a ≈307.2 sq. in. cylinder to be able to store 10 tubes on top of each other… and that’s probably the most efficient way to store them – if you were storing them side by side, you would need a width of 14 in. for your basket. I think it will turn out that most team will not be able to hold as many rings as we think right now…

I was thinking to one of my team’s earlier prototypes for Clean Sweep (I also saw a rendering of it on in the slideshow banner): using slide rails to increase the capacity of the bucket. You can use vex mesh for the sides and have it in a folded dimension to begin with (zip tie multiple sheets together or something). You don’t have to dump, though you should probably try to hang…

One of the members of my team suggested that we should have a non-rigid bucket that would simply be an unfinished triangular prism that would start folded up and unfold when the robot starts moving. No motors, no responsibility for the drivers, at least as far as the bucket goes.

I really don’t see the point in designing a robot solely around hoarding the other team’s rings. It would be far more prudent to design a mechanism that not only scored for you, but could also descore the things that the other team scored (Elevation’s parallel treads come to mind?).

Agreed, You could make Paralell treads + a open and close basket to put the other teams tubes into. I hope this year there will be more Tank track driven robots be so much cooler to watch xD.