Commercials you dont like

list here all the commercials you dont like:
all milk commercials
owl and the man(comedy network)
the baconator from wendys (also any pink hair mascot)
the caramilk commecial (“caramilk and you’re there”)
old navy back to school
zellers (back to school from A toZ)
future shop sale thing (the dancing guy)
other future shop commercial (fill in the blank…sale)
pepto bismol:eek:
political commercials that constantly lie
candoo toiletry commercial
im a big kid now (huggies)
fido rewards
jon dore show commercial (comedy network)
scotia bank

the geico comercials. They piss me off so much.

Word. I hate 'em too.

All…??? The Gecko, the Cave Men, or …

the geckos ok, kind of wierd, but i hate all the cavemen ones

You know there making a TV show off of that, I don’t think its going to be very good

making a TV show with cavemen or geckos? i think both would be trash, i mean how much material can you get from cavemen or geckos

haven’t you seen the commercial

no i haven’t it might only be in the u.s.

Probably:cool: :smiley:

the gieco commercials used to be funny last year but now there not especially with the cave man i hate those i also hate those play laugh grow commercials

i finally saw this show on a satillite feed in the bell store, it is terribe, just completely bad

Have you seen the new Charmin ( i think that how you spell it) commercials… IT THE SICKEST ONE IVE EVER SEEN

yea i also hate those garmin commerciels giva giva giva garmin

Hate: geico commercials, Dude! budweiser commercials
Love: latest nike football commercial w/ music from last of the Mohicans
Really love: Victoria’s Secret commercials;)

i hate the new mountain dew commercial with chuck norris, i have been watching die hard 3 on spike for about an hour now, ive probably seen that commercial 15 times, NO EXAGERATION!!!:mad: :mad:

Lol, it’s an all right commercial. Any commercial can get annoying if you see it too many times.

funny the first time, annoying after that, oh no it came on again

die hard is good:)

i like that mr T commercial

I HATE Mac VS. PC COMMERCIALS!!! It just shows how arrogent Apple really is. If you go into one of their stores and ask help from one of their “Genius Bars” you will realize that they are so bias!!!

I also hate their commercials because they have this nerd PC guy, who looks alot like me, being dissed by this scrungy Mac guy. And their main argumen is; Macs are easier to use! That is a bunch of nonsense!! Why is using a PC so hard?? I just do not get is. Thats all.