common names for Intakes

What is the most common name for an intake this year? I mostly call it an intake/outake, but what do you guys call it? If other, please specify!

I call it both “intake/outtake” as well as “manipulator” because sometimes I am only referring to the part that intakes while sometimes I am referring to the whole thing

The generic robotics term would be “end effector.”

Yes, I would agree with that.

We commonly use intake/outtake when referring to our collection/scoring mechanism.

Sometimes we call it the Basket, because that’s what we called our element holder last year (it was also called the Tube Cage)
Technically though, I think it should be called the Intake Mechanism.

We either call it an intake or “Suckers”


I think that an intake is a certain type, or types of manipulators. For example, I refer to side rollers as an “intake” but I would refer to a non-intake end effector (such as a claw) as a “manipulator”. It seems that most robots have end effectors which I would classify as intakes, so that is the term I use most often.

Also, is anyone else using the words intake and outtake(spelling?) as verbs? As in: “Go intake that barrel”.

Gblake’s head is going to explode if he reads this… :eek:

The roller part on ours we just call “the intake” or “intake rollers” and the lexan cage if thats what is considered is just the “slide”

After last year’s “descoring” definition challenge? I seem to remember a brief outburst comparing “disembarking” and “deplaning” and how even if we all are little nerds and geeks, we still need to learn how to speak proper English. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have permission to delete my post… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol actually we have always used intake/outtake as a verb as well. :smiley:

outtake…isn’t that when an actor messes up? isn’t the proper term exhaust?

Yes, I’m just going to exhaust some blue objects into the 30 inch goal… :rolleyes:

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i even have “intake” and “outtake” as functions in my code :wink:


New 1107B robot can both intake and outtake! :wink:

Don’t want that thread to seep into this one, but he’s referring to the old code for our efficiency bot.

You know, I never realized that intake and outtake aren’t really the nouns we use them as until I tried spell check.

Sorry, I’ve been a bit obsessed.

Does anyone else often call top intakes “combines” because of the similarity to combine harvesters?

We call them “collection” and “delivery” (devices) when we want to impress someone, but “slurp” and “spit” when no one else is around. We did draw the line at “suck” because science never sucks, not even in a vacuum.

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