Communicate 2 robots through bluetooth or RF

Hi, I’d like to know if in VEXU it’s legal to communicate two robots through an external microcontroller, e.g. Atmel (arduino) through an xbee or bluetooth module.
What I try to say is that the cortex from ROBOT A would recieve a 1 or 0 from the auxiliary microcontroller to know if it can perform an action and this soley depends on the the data communicated between the external microntrollers (each one connected to ROBOT A and B) connected to an input of the cortex.

In the Past RF other than Vexnet has not been allowed, however infrared IR is allowed. and should work. certainly for such a simple command transaction.

If you pay close attention to the rules of the Vex U competition you can see clearly under that your question is answered. I have quoted it below for your convenience.

I personally wish this wasn’t the case in Vex U as it would be great to have a reliable communication between robots for the programming skills but from a security perspective I can see the logic in the GDC ruling.