Communication Issues

Last year, my team made it to the divisional semi-finals. We were knocked out because our opponent ( who didn’t know the rules or speak English ) descored an entire goal. I am having a feeling something like this will happen again. Are their any learn Chinese fast courses? How many teams that speak other languages than English will have translators?

Your opponent? Do you think asking them not to descore you in chinese would help? If they didn’t know the rules then the referee should have intervened in the event they were breaking the rules. It was your alliance that descored you then I can see the frustration, if it’s your opponent I don’t think even waving a white flag will help you much. We had matches where we scored well this year, but lost by some wicked good descoring.

Our team speaks primarily English, but we have someone on the team fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. I asked if I should try learning the language to talk to some of the Chinese teams while scouting, and his response was that it takes around 4-6 months to become fluent enough to hold a conversation. We’ve got a week until Worlds.

I would say that MOST teams should have a translator, but if not you should be able to find one somewhere. Also, I find your story slightly hard to believe because Referees shouldn’t care if teams speak English, and would disqualify them regardless if any infractions that serious occurred.

I don’t know about any learn Chinese fast courses, but if you need help with Chinese, almost all of my team speaks Mandarin fluently, so come find us and we’ll try to send someone to translate.

Well… all Singapore teams are fluent in both English and Mandarin.
In fact, during APAC eliminations, some of my boys were doing the role of translators between the China teams and NZ teams.

:eek: :smiley: Somehow that made me smile.

Wait why is this illegal?

during gateway you could not descore the whole scoring area.

Ah guess I overlooked the “last year” part. My bad.